Berry Pretty Artwork

This is just a cool inspiring art piece that came out of nowhere and has led me to wonder about natural paints, etc.

I got to pick a bunch of raspberries from a friend’s parent’s yard (awesome!)  I laid a bunch out to dry on a paper towel after washing them.  The paper towel was on a baking sheet, and there was likely some reaction with the berries because they created this incredible tye-dye pattern!


Not sure if the berries are now safe to eat… no metallic taste so I think I’m good 🙂  How nice of them to create me something so beautiful and exciting. It’s literally hanging in my office.

This got me wondering what other artwork I can create with natural dyes and paints… I know people have been doing this for years so there has to be a lot of information on the old Goog.

This website has me intrigued:

I want to try these!!! Will keep you posted 🙂

Mobiles Galore!

I’ve been struggling about what to do with some of the free time I have while working from home.  It’s hard to justify just sitting on the couch watching episode after episode of Downton Abbey too many days in a row!

Last year I made a baby mobile for my new niece, it was so adorable and I loved watching my niece’s reaction as it swayed over the change table.  My sister-in-law suggested that I look into making more and selling them. So I did a little Etsy research and found that I could possibly do this!  I took off full steam ahead, I’ve been dreaming up different configurations and materials to use and having the time of my life constructing these ‘modern mobiles’. I’m so happy with the end result, and feel that I actually have a creative outlet I can get excited about.  Also, I feel that if I can actually sell these then I’m not just becoming a crafting hoarder, I can pass my creations on to people who might actually want them! ha ha.

It’s been a whirlwind in my brain trying to drum up ideas, focusing on how better to market my product, reading articles on providing quality service, etc. etc. But I’ve enjoyed every minute.  That sort of thing gets me excited and eager to work because I love the outcome.  Not sure if anything will take off, not sure if any will sell, but the experience has been very exciting 😀

Spring Walk

There’s something extra special about an early Spring walk.  Everything is re-awakening, it’s so soft all around you.  I feel so comfortable walking in the lightest rain, like little kisses on my face as I stroll along.  It’s quiet and calm and though I love the sunlight, there is no harshness in a gentle rain.

Hello new life!
The vibrant contrast

I love that at every new season I keep thinking ‘this is my favourite’.


I am loving home projects and/or craftiness lately!  It’s so fun to have a goal and then complete it (completing it being the key here).  This headboard for our master bedroom has been in the mental works for so long.  I knew I wanted to make our own, preferably out of wood, and had a number of ideas swirling around my head.

The final inspiration came from the book at home Sarah style by Sarah Richardson, she had a chevron patterned pine wall in one of her houses and I think it looks great.  I was all ready to buy some home depot scraps when these wonderful tongue and groove cedar planks fell into my outstretched hands.  They were a little warpy and there was some shifting through the pile to find the ones I wanted, but it all worked out in the end.

First steps was setting up a ‘frame’ for the cedar to be nailed to. I didn’t want to nail them all directly to the wall in case we ever wanted to remove it.  I cut and screwed in some 1×2 pine lumber (trying to manipulate them to be straight) into the studs in the wall behind.  I basically framed the area I wanted and then added in a center post to support the center of the chevron pattern. In retrospect, I should have added two more verticals to support the center of the cedar planks, in the end, I shoved in some extra pieces as I went; particularly around the areas where we lean against if we’re reading a book.


The next step was deciding the starting point for the pattern, I wanted the top of the ‘arrow’ to be at the ceiling so started from there.  Thank goodness for our mitre saw which makes cutting 45 degree angles a breeze.  There was still a lot of trooping back and forth between saw and bedroom, but I had my whole setup in the guest room so it wasn’t too far.  I know there’s probably a way you could measure and cut fifty pieces at once, but I definitely did one at a time!


The end result is that I LOVE IT!  The cedar smelled amazing the first few days and makes me feel all ski-lodgy and cozy 🙂


I also wandered into Michaels on a sale day and found all these mish mash letters to spell out the ‘You & me’ phrase which I think looks adorable.


Super duper happy.  Also, how cute is Strawberry Love Monkey in every photo?!?!


Cookbook Holder Sketch 0307

Thankfully I was able to go grocery shopping yesterday. That combined with my wonderful menu board means that I feel organized enough to plan weeknight dinners this week (woo hoo I love feeling organized!)

I really enjoy sitting down at my dining room table, sipping tea, and flipping through my cookbooks to choose new recipes to try.  I got this book from Mama for my birthday (shout-out Mom 🙂 ).

Once I’ve made my selections, it makes things so much simpler to set up my cookbooks in this nifty little stand that my sister gave me years ago (shout-out Mindy 🙂 )  I use this bad boy all the time, keeps my cookbook pages clean and my recipes easily accessible.

SAMSUNG CSCUnfortunately these bacon wrapped goodies were not on tonight’s menu, but I’ll have to keep them in mind for next time…


The Menu Board – Sketch 0304

When I’m feeling organized I love to do up a weekly menu. I find it’s the only way to keep my grocery list on track and keep myself sane on those weeknight evenings when my stomach starts rumbling and I wonder what to make for dinner.


I love this menu board that I got from Superstore. Perfect place to stash some coupons, hot tub test strips, and sunglasses and sunhat for the back porch.



I especially liked how the sun was hitting it today and it really made me believe Summer is right around the corner!  Soon those hat and sunglasses will be on my person out on the back deck 🙂



The View – Sketch 0223

We are blessed with blue skies and bright white snow.  It’s days like this that allow me to appreciate the fresh crispness of winter with it’s refreshing breath and reflective sunshine.  From our ‘living room’ I can see the other complexes across the road, it gives me the feeling of being part of this cozy winter village.



Colour your own and post to Instagram #fftocolour or sketch your own view!

The View PDF

The Fireplace – Sketch 0221

We are staying at some really great condos here in Whitefish, MT. We’re here with one other couple and our rooms are set up nicely with a large kitchen, living room, dining area and one bedroom/bathroom combo and then through another separate door the second bed/bath combo.  We get to ski in/ski out which is AMAZING. The main floor does not have a  front desk or anything but they do have a bit of a lounge area with a HUGE fireplace – quite lovely.  My phone can’t handle the bright light all around the fireplace (from the large windows flanking either side) but here it is:


Sadly, I have yet to see any actual lit fires in there, but what a stunning focal point to the room.

This one was fun to sketch, somewhat relaxing in it’s tediousness, drawing stone after stone.


Cozy cozy – love it here!

Road Trip – Sketch 0220

Hooray! We’re off to our long-awaited annual ski-cation in Whitefish, Montana.  Such a beautiful area, lots to do, vast ski-hill, yummy food, great craft beer… it’s hard to imagine switching to any other winter destination with all that going on!  The road trip for us is about 8 hours total, but was nicely broken up with an overnight stop after 2ish hours and a breakfast date with my sister the next morning after another 2 hours of driving. Overall the trip didn’t take too much out of us.  The landscape changed from flat plains, to rolling hills, to abstract mountains.  But the view inside the car didn’t vary much.

DSC_0827It looks like the car could use a clean… Anyways, since I spent most of my time in this seat yesterday, that is what I figured I’d sketch.


Perspectives were fun with this one, but there wasn’t much colour I could add!